In Eight Steps to Happiness Geshe-la says "'Self' and 'other' are relative terms, rather like 'this mountain' and 'that mountain ... 'This' and 'that' therefore depend upon our point of reference. This is also true of self and other. By climbing down the mountain of self, it is possible to ascend the mountain of other, and thereby cherish others as much as we presently cherish ourself."

Monday, October 31, 2016


Hello loved ones,

Mimi died peacefully today at around 2:45am. She was surrounded by caring friends, including her husband Richard and her close friend Kadam Heather from Portland. She had Geshe Kelsang Gyatso's text Joyful Path of Good Fortune on her crown and a mala in her left hand. A powa (transference of consciousness) ceremony was performed in the room immediately after her passing.

Mimi never wavered in her confidence that her next life is going to be better than this one. With this faith and intention, it's certain that her mind moved immediately to the pure land. In Heather's words, "Hopefully she'll send down emanations so that Geshe-la will benefit us all!"

With love,

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  1. Thank you for sharing about Mimi's path to the Pure Land over the last few months...she is most surely there now, I rejoice.

    Can you let us know if there will be a formal POWA at KMCWA as I would like to do POWA here in Brighton, UK at the same time if I can.

    Much love to everyone.

    Kate x