In Eight Steps to Happiness Geshe-la says "'Self' and 'other' are relative terms, rather like 'this mountain' and 'that mountain ... 'This' and 'that' therefore depend upon our point of reference. This is also true of self and other. By climbing down the mountain of self, it is possible to ascend the mountain of other, and thereby cherish others as much as we presently cherish ourself."

Monday, December 31, 2012

More Prayers for Cathy

Please also continue making prayers for Tamara's sister Cathy, who is scheduled to have surgery Jan 4th.

Update on Paul

Great news: He is going to have surgery on his lung because the scan showed no further spread. Please keep making prayers for him.

My CT Scan Results

More evidence that the treatment is working: My most recent CT scan showed that the 4 small tumors in my abdomen were all smaller by half and that nothing new had appeared.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Prayers for Potential City Commercial Space for KMC CA to

Copied from an email:

As many of you are aware, we are in the process of trying to make Kadam Dharma more accessible to the people of Los Angeles. In light of this goal, we have been searching for a city commercial space that would be highly visible and located in a busy, thriving area.
After extensive searching, we have found a potential venue at 7950 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood (pictured below, outlined in red).
7950 Sunset Blvd
We are now in a critical stage of negotiations with the owners of this building, and pending our communications with them over the course of the next few days, it seems they will make their decision.
Please, with compassion, make strong prayers and dedications today and throughout the weekend for the most beneficial result.
Thank you for your support of this meaningful project.

With love,
Erica Schieferstein
Administrative Director